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How to Plan for an amazing maternity photoshoot?

It is the most vulnerable and intimate period of a woman’s life when she is pregnant. During this period, she feels swollen, uncomfortable, and dealing with fluctuating hormones! Capturing the unique beauty of an expectant mother can be a procedure to increase her happy hormones and to make her pampered and happy. And to make it an enjoyable memory for the couple is like a win-win situation. Studio Pearl is known for creating the Best and timeless memories of maternity Photography in Gurgaon. 

Newborn baby Photographer in gurgaon
Newborn baby Photographer in gurgaon

Newborn baby Photographer in gurgaon

In order to make the most out of the maternity session, there are a few things we should consider :

  • The best time to come in for Maternity Photoshoot :

Every expectant mother has a unique pregnancy journey. It truly depends on how prominent pregnant women want their baby bump to be delivered in the photos, but it’s usually suggested for the shoot to be anywhere between 29-36 weeks of pregnancy. 

  • The most important question a woman is always worried about: what to wear?

It is recommended to not spend much on the dress which will be only worn once. But for something a pregnant woman will wear maybe once or twice, it’s a better bargain. It is important to consider clothing options not necessarily specific to maternity. They can always opt for an empire waist, and just size up from their normal size. Different online sites are also great options to look for these maternity shoot dresses.

  • Showing it off :

When pregnant women feel vulnerable they pick loose, oversized clothing to cover up, but it doesn’t always look great for pictures. For a maternity photoshoot specifically, it is suggested to highlight the belly. So it is important to select clothing that shapes the baby bump perfectly.

  • Stay Calm, Candid & Relaxed: 

It is normal to get stage fright at the beginning of every photo shoot. So It is suggested to be more genuine, calm, and relaxed during the photo shoot to get the most magical captures from the moment.

  • Just a night before the Shoot:

It is very important to get hydrated and have a proper sleep the night before the photo session.

A fantastic photographer in Gurgaon can do a fair amount of manipulation to photography with different processing techniques and can capture the best and the most flattering way possible.


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