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The Eventual Checklist for Planning the Pre Wedding shoot

A pre-wedding photoshoot is a very special occasion for every couple as it is a one-time event in their life. If a couple is becoming a little bit nervous or panicked then it is quite natural as this moment comes in the life of every girl and boy only once. Many couples consider Pre Wedding Photographers in Gurgaon for their shoots as they are very famous for their amazing capturing skills. 

candid wedding photographers in gurgaon
candid wedding photographers in gurgaon

Well, if a couple is going to get married soon, then no one can understand their excitement and anxiety more than themself. Due to this excitement, sometimes they may forget some of the most important things that are necessary for their ultimate pre-wedding shoot. Even after planning for the pre-wedding shoot, couples forget to carry a few things that may ruin their pre-wedding shoot. So to avoid this, a couple needs to create a checklist before moving ahead with the shoot. Having a checklist will save their time and end-moment hassle.

So, Mentioning  the Eventual checklist which must be created by a couple before pre-wedding photoshoots :

  • Location: The very first and important thing a couple needs to figure out is the location of their pre-wedding photoshoot. They should always shortlist 2-3 locations as last moment problems may arise at any location. If a couple selects a private place such as a 5-star hotel or heritage hotel, they should check the availability before. Pre Wedding shoot in Gurgaon is the location that is preferred by many couples.
  • Photographer: After the location is finalized the second most important thing is to book the photographer in advance and couples should discuss their expectations with him as hiring the right photographer is a vital part of planning.
  • Date of the Shoot: Should Select a date that is feasible for both the couples and the photographer. Book the place in advance for the photoshoot and keep a backup plan that can be used in case of bad weather.
  • Outfits :Another important point of concern is What are the costumes to be worn on the shoot day? How many costumes will be required? All this should be Planned before and costumes should be tried once before the shoot day. If there is an issue with the dress it can be fixed before. 
  • Props: The list of props that will suit the pre-wedding shoot theme should be managed before only. A couple should buy or rent these props some days before so that they should not face any last-minute hassle.
  • Pose List : It is important to shortlist the best couple poses in advance as the couple doesn’t need to get the ideas of poses there and so they should Check different sites and Save these poses on their phone and practice them before the day of the shoot if possible.
  • Make the checklist of things to be carried in advance: It is important to make a checklist of the things which have to be carried along at the location for the shoot as forgetting any of the essentials can mess up the pre-wedding shoot. 

Hence it is highly recommended to go through the checklist in advance before moving ahead towards the location. Nowadays there are so many options of the locations available despite that there are so many couples who prefer to hire a studio on rent in Gurgaon for their pre-wedding shoot


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