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How to plan a music video as an Independent Artist?

We all know that the Music and technology industry has evolved a lot. Music videos continue to play a vital role in promoting an artist’s career whether it is on youtube or any other platform. Hence, it is very important to know how an independent artist plans a music video to grow in his career. Many studio owners provide their Studio on rent in Gurgaon for making such music videos.

videography service in Gurgaon
videography service in Gurgaon

Mentioning below the steps to make a music video as an independent artist:

  • Selection of a perfect song for a music video: It is very important to select the right song for the creation of a perfect music video. An artist has to make sure that his song should inspire the band as it is difficult for even the best filmmakers to put a good video together if the band does not feel inspired or like the lyrics of the song they’ve selected.
  • Getting Equipment and casting of the film crew: For completion of a perfect video shoot, an artist will require a team. If an artist has a team of a perfect actor, camera person, videographer, director, and light person and the other band members then he will win half of the battle.
  • Shoot Planning: Proper planning of a shoot is very important for a successful music video.
  • Establishment of budget: Music videos can be created from very low to very high costs. It is advisable to tell the videographer in advance what type of budget we have so that they can help to plan the concept around the budget.
  • Practice is a must: For a proper shooting of a music video an artist will require a lot of practice and that will also help him to make his music video the best.
  • Costume selection: It is very important to select the costume for the shooting in advance only so that there should be no mess on the final day of the shooting.
  • Securing props: some props may be used at the time of the shooting of the music video so it is highly recommended to get the props ready a couple of weeks before the scheduled music video shoot. 
  • Securing Locations: We know that the location sets the whole tone for our music video so it is very important to pre-decide and book the location for the shooting in advance.
  • Time punctuality is a must: Music videos run on a very tight schedule. It’s important to be punctual and respectful of everybody’s time on the same day of the shoot. 
  • Communication with videographer: Videographer is supposed to help in the planning of the video, but if the artist is not communicating with the videographer accordingly, it could cause the whole production of the shoot. So proper communication with videographers is very important. Many videographers also provide video editing services in Gurgaon after the shooting of music videos is completed.


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